Wednesday 8 May 2013

Technology Supply Chain Security Standard

By: Mickey North Rizza

Risk management is a standard practice in most companies, and definitely those with IT products. Counterfeit and intentional malfunctioning or sabotage to technology products is widely known. To combat the counterfeiting and tampering, The Open Group published a technical security standard for a technology acquirer “to protect a company from acquiring maliciously tainted or counterfeit products.” 

The standard is a 32-page document available on The Open Group website. It is aimed at supply chain safety by laying out best practices in design, sourcing, building, fulfillment, integrators and distribution of technology products: the technology supply chain. The Open Group is addressing concerns that imposters or altered electronics, hardware and software are being sold.

The Open Group is working towards an official process for accrediting technology suppliers. With their motto, “build with integrity, buy with confidence,” it appears to be making headway.

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