Thursday 27 June 2013

Supply Chain Transparency in the Land Down Under: “Track my MACCA”

Authored by Mickey North Rizza

In a revolutionary move, McDonald’s in Australia has introduced an iPhone app that allows consumers to track to the source of their purchased burgers, chicken, fish or buns. The “Track My Macca’s” app (“Macca” being Australia’s moniker for McDonald’s) gives the consumer the ability to learn more about ingredient sources and their suppliers by simply scanning a QR code located on the product packaging.

With recent global issues in product supply, such as the EU Horse Meat Scandal and SEC reporting requirements around the identification of Conflict Minerals in supply chains, imagine the value of similar technology applications for buyers of those types of products. Obviously we may be quite a distance from seeing this concept applied in manufacturing or retail industries which have complex global sources of supply, but perhaps the desire of supply chain managers worldwide will be whetted by the possibility of real-time validation of source-of-supply. And as we have noted in previous entries to the greater visibility a buyer has into the supply chain (including spend, supplier criticality, supplier location, etc.), the better positioned she/he will be to avoid supply quality issues and the potential repercussions.

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