Friday 23 August 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different...

By Sarah Clarke

At the last Real World Sourcing Series briefing of 2012, full of Christmas cheer and good will, I somehow found myself volunteering to join Guy Allen and a band of merry men to support them on a cycle trip to raise money for charity.

So here we are 8 months down the line, 1 (large) van, 1 driver (me), 1 first aid kit (my nursing qualification might also come in handy – I’m sure this is why they’ve asked me), 5 days, 13 (insane) cyclists and 322 miles.

322 miles in 5 days – that’s not all that bad I hear you say. Did I mention that these 322 miles are from Munich to Venice? Across the Alps! Who knew that procurement professionals were so sporty?

Thank you firstly to Guy for being the brains and logistics coordinator extraordinaire for our trip and secondly thank you very much to BravoSolution for sponsoring our team kit and both of the charities we’re raising money for – Ace Africa & Naomi House Hospice.

You can follow our progress across the Alps by subscribing to our blog here, or you could support us with cold hard cash here.

I’ll leave you for now with my favourite quote so far from Guy ‘master of understatement’ Allen .....

“...we have planned a beautiful scenic route through the Alps for you. Though it may be a bit hilly”.

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