Wednesday 6 November 2013

Are you taking a slice of the ‘Bread of Heaven’?

By Sarah Kingdom-Evans

The 17th October saw the inaugural BravoCymru event held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The event had been created as a result of our international BravoConnect event in London Heathrow in July and looks likely to be continued across the Bravo family...

The day provided an opportunity to network, to share and to learn from their peer group experiences. Our conference room overlooked the pitch and a fascinating stadium tour provided an extremely interesting finale (being Welsh, the walk out of the tunnel onto the hallowed ground gave me goose bumps!)

Whilst the day examined a number of elements of the BravoSolution offering including Spend Analysis and Recovery, Vendor Performance Management and some fun hands-on sessions, a number of our Local Authority users discussed transport auctions. The double digit percentage savings and continuing success in this category make a great case study, yet there are still massive opportunities to be realised that are currently being missed or even worse, ignored...

Transportation is a large spend for any local authority and if an average 24% saving can be achieved for a service that remains the same or is improved, then are we in a position not to take action?

Besides Transport, there are other potential auction categories that should encourage debate and exploration such as Social Care, Consultancy, Construction and many consumables such as the auction ‘staple’, Stationery. In these times of further savings targets and reduced budgets this method of market testing and cost reduction has to be considered, doesn't it?

Our stadium tour took us to the home team dressing room and played a rousing speech from a fictitious manager calling on the team to “Do your best... be proud that you have done all that is possible”. I think we can all use that approach (although I’ll skip the ice bath at the end of the day...)

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