Monday 6 October 2014

Supply Management on the move - BravoSolution's Latest Mobility Offering

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing the latest version of the BravoSolution eSourcing platform. This latest release contains a bonus for the smartphone junkies amongst us – it will have an enhanced app* available for Apple and Android based devices.

This will give users the ability to process approval requests and view a range of summary information about their sourcing and contract activities - and there is the promise of more to come in future releases.

Of course, some will lament the blurring of the delicate line between work and personal time that ubiquitous technology like this allows. But to me, the mere existence of APPs like this (and there are more than is worth counting) just serves to show that the growth is clearly being driven by an underlying user demand.

The reality is, users want to access data in a format that is on their terms. APPs like this give them that control by allowing access to very specific content in a secure way. To that extent, it’s data the user would have already been trying to obtain anyway – the APP has just made the process of obtaining it a little more efficient. It’s like figuring out if it’s raining by looking out your window - you don’t have to go outside and get wet to know the answer.

The real question for me is where will the technology have taken us in 5 or 10 years’ time? What devices will we be using to work with our corporate data then? Let’s hope it at least involves robots of some kind.

*Known as the ‘BravoSolution Mobile Supply Management’ or MSM for short. BravoSolution MSM is free to download from the respective Apple or Android App stores.

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