Wednesday 7 May 2014

Attitude Opens Doors

By Mickey North Rizza

George Palmatier said, “The biggest challenge is not getting people to change the way they do their jobs, but in getting people to change the way they think about doing their jobs.”  In the post, The Journey of Excellence Starts with Change, Jane and Jim illustrated that the way they each approached their jobs was directly related to the outcome.

Attitude was a huge factor in their respective approaches to the business challenges.  Jane approached her job with facts and used those facts to guide her direction.  Jim let the business drive his needs and his daily routine.  While each is perfectly normal, only one was successful in driving business results and outcomes – Jane.

Jane's attitude is also positive, inquisitive, efficient, effective and fact-based, while Jim's attitude is to know it all, react emotionally, and work hard (but inefficiently.)

Jane has positioned her team as one that embraces data and facts, challenges the status quo and brings an outcome the business can measure; she satisfies the business and stakeholder requirements.  Jane's team learns from their technology solutions provider, embraces external services and delivers the value.  Jane and her team deliver the business commitments and have made the business proud.

Jim also believes he and his team are delivering value with their “above and beyond” heroics. However, he is finding the heroics are not sustainable, as the team does not have standard business processes and technology, does not leverage best practices, and is also losing experienced people who are tired of working long hours and receiving little value.

The point:  An attitude of empowerment, discovery, efficiency and effectiveness can bring more to bear than more of the same old thing.  Change comes to those who make a difference by trying something new – approaching the same problems from a different perspective and with a different attitude.

Change has its own risks, but it is this risk that sets you apart and paves the way to excellence. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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