Thursday 1 May 2014

The Future’s Bright, the Past is Orange

By Peter Ashford

“Although we've come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go; it’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you”
Boyz II Men

It may seem like a strange time to write a blog post, as I prepare to leave my own post at BravoSolution, but I think it’s sometimes a good idea, if you want to keep on eating cake, to take a step back and learn about the process that went in to making it.

Having worked as a carer, a security guard and a delivery driver, as well as completing a course to become a personal trainer, in the three years subsequent to finishing my Mathematics degree at the University of Manchester, (and graduating with a 1st class honours degree), my lack of ‘technical experience’ didn't leave me too hopeful of finding a job in the summer of 2011, when most businesses were carefully counting their pennies. Thankfully, BravoSolution's star was on the rise and they were looking for new employees to support their many clients. 

From the moment I entered the office to have an interview and saw that more than just the BravoSolution logo was orange, I was a little more hopeful that my self-imagined skills would be recognised. Happily for me they were, and since then I have been involved in tailoring many a customer solution. Taking part in providing technical support and managing systems for large client projects has given me something impressive-looking to put on my CV.

So much better than that, though, are the people that make up the company. I honestly believe I may never come across a working atmosphere of its ilk again. Despite the competitiveness that is inherent in any employment, there is a real sense that people actually like helping each other out. I believe that is due, in large part, to the open and friendly nature of everyone here, from the bottom all the way to the top of the hierarchy; a hierarchy that is only used when needed. A lot of companies say that they listen to employees, but at BravoSolution, as I've learnt what the company is aiming for, I've felt actively encouraged to be a part of the ongoing evolution of the brand. I think that willingness to help and hunger for improvement emanates to its customers too.

So it is with a measure of sadness that I leave, but looking back, and using the Boyz II Men lyric not entirely in the way that it’s intended, I'm glad I can’t let go of the experience I've gained and the great times I've had. As I look forward to a break in the Amazon and then afterwards forging a new career path somewhere in the jungle that is the creative arts, I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and responsibilities given to me, and the brilliant joy participated in, throughout my time at BravoSolution.

I would definitely recommend BravoSolution as a great place to find yourself, whether you’re just beginning your career, or looking to continue your professional development.

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