Tuesday 24 March 2015

Adoption: Asking the Right Questions

By John Ryan Shaw, Sr. Director, Adoption Services

Quantifying the value of project activities such as communications, training, coaching and building a sponsor network can be difficult. Most professionals intuitively appreciate that these are valuable activities that can help make the implementation of a new process or tool more successful.   

In practice though, many project leaders struggle to determine how important they are and when they should be allocating their limited budgets to those activities. This is natural and understandable because the value of these activities varies from project to project.

What are we to do? Start by asking these two questions:
  • What benefits will the organisation realize if the project is successful?
  • What percentage of the benefits will be achieved if people do not change their behaviours?
By answering these questions, you have just collected basic data for a back-of-the napkin business case on conducting change management activities:

Value of CM Activities = Potential Benefit * (1 – Percent of Benefits achieved with no behaviour changes)

If the size of the number concerns you the next step is to ask yourself how confident you feel in your project’s ability to drive behaviour change.

If you want to go further than the back-of-your-napkin check out this article.

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