Monday 28 January 2013

Accessing Spend Analysis through Government Procurement Service

Authored by Mike Roberts

Successfully delivering better value and better outcomes from procurement activities requires managing many competing priorities. Whether delivering cash releasing savings, creating strategic social value or managing environmental sustainability, the need to anticipate, measure and communicate the economic and financial impact of our decisions is becoming more and more essential.

Spend Analysis information underpins these needs, providing a foundation of evidence and insight which enable us to see with greater clarity the inefficiencies that inevitably come from supply-base variety and variability, as well as the savings opportunities that result from increased contract coverage, compliance, benchmarking, spend aggregation and collaboration.

BravoSolution has partnered with Government Procurement Service to achieve visibility of spend under management across the whole UK central government. The Spend Analysis programme focuses on standardising data quality, improving SME analysis and integrating data flows in other sourcing areas.

The UK Government Procurement Service is now launching their Public Sector Spend Analysis Service, which will provide wider Public Sector access to Spend Analysis technologies and services, including a GPS Procurement Opportunity Assessment.

We will be hosting a lunchtime webinar on Thursday the 7th of February, which will explain what the 'GPS Spend Analysis Service' involves, and discuss the various aspects of launching such a project. We will also underline the benefits of using GPS Spend Analysis, and what you can expect from the service in terms of outcomes and results.

You can join us on the webinar by registering here.

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