Wednesday 9 January 2013

Procurement Hot Topics for 2013 ... The return of the Real World Sourcing Series

Authored by Sarah Clarke

The arrival of the new year heralds the arrival of a new syllabus of Real World Sourcing Expert Briefings.

Working again in conjunction with Spend Matters and Guy Allen (previously CPO at Abbey, Santander and Fujitsu), and following great feedback from the 2012 series, we've put together a program that covers, what we believe, are some of the hottest topics in procurement. 

The format will also be similar – around 60 minutes of presentation / discussion / workshop type content on a particularly topic, followed by a networking lunch with the chance to discuss the topic – or anything else for that matter – with other procurement executives. 

At the end-of-series Sourcing Experts Dinner (for the ten delegates that score the highest in the quizzes across the series), once again we're offering a Scholarship of £2,500 to be spent on training and development activities for the highest scorer across the year. 

So what's coming up this year?

27 February 2013 - You Get What You Pay For

Overview: How Prices Are Set, Different Negotiation Approaches, Balancing Cost with Quality, Purchase Price Cost Analysis Case Studies and Pitfalls

17 April 2013 - Contract Management – Generating Real Value from your Contracts

Overview: Why do we actually do contract management? The fundamentals - managing value and risk, Contract administration, performance, risk and change management, Technology, people and skills issues around contract management 

22 May 2013 - Effective Supplier Relationship Management

Overview: What is Supplier Relationship Management? Why Do It? Process and Roles, Senior Stakeholder Engagement, Making a Hero of Your Account Director

18 September 2013 - The Sourcing Revolution - Market-Informed Sourcing

Overview: How Prices Are Set,  Different Negotiation Approaches, Balancing Cost with Quality, Purchase Price Cost Analysis Case Studies and Pitfalls

23 October 2013 - Preparing for a Merger or Takeover

Overview: Mergers and Takeover – the Practical Difference for Procurement, The Balance of Power, How to prepare yourself and your function, Seizing the Opportunity

27 November 2013 - Transforming Procurement – Myth or Reality?

Overview: What is Procurement Transformation? Launching a Transformation Initiative, Taking the Organisation Along With You, Declaring Victory – What Next?

The sessions are booking quickly, so if you'd like to come along or send some members of your team, check out for more information on how to book.

Finally, if you were writing the syllabus for the series, what topics would you like to see covered?

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